Access Control Systems

The purpose for the access control systems is to control the entries of the person’s to certain places and to report relevant data. If required, time restrictions and introduction for access at doors may be applied for the persons.

The system constitutes card readers or fingerprint readers and turnstiles and access control software. Status information accumulated on the terminals may preferably be transferred online or offline.

Used Products

Tralles Online

Door Access Control System

Tralles Offline

Door Access Control System

PL 858

Door Access Control System

Agora Card Reader

Door Access Control System

Agora Tcp/ Ip Control Panels

Door Access Control System

PL 403

Door Access Control System


Door Access Control System

D 10 Proximity / Mifare Kart Okuyucu

Door Access Control System

Door Access Software

Readers may only be used as a door lock and information on date and time in the readers may also be transferred to any computer.

Cafeteria Access Software

Using cafeteria control software, names of the personnel allowed to eat meals, time of their meals allowed to eat, the proportion of the meal they had, time of the meal eaten etc. may be reported.

Gym & Member Tracking Software

Gym tracking system is a system developed to to restrict the entries of the members to the areas where the members are available and to report the names of the members used these areas and time spent by the members.

School - Student Tracking Software

Turnstiles used for recording the arrival and departure times of the students in schools and private teaching institutions and for transferring relevant data to the student tracking program as well as sending relevant information to the parents via sms or e-mail.

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