Guard Tour Control Systems

These are manual automation and round tour systems used in everywhere subject to periodical controls and which monitors whether gate keeper completes his round and serves various purposes and uses , fast and easy for installation and usage. It is computer based round tour control system which determines the time of inspection and the location of security point carried out by the staff responsible for the safety of the places such as factories, warehouses, construction sites, military units and automatically reports data received through software.

Polimek Elektronik is proud of being a finalist with its  Smart Pencil product  in Innovativeness and Creativeness in Electronics competition organized by TESID in 2000.

Used Products

Smartpen 3000 Guard Tour Control System

Smartpen 3000 Guard Tour Control System

Proximity Guard Tour Control System

Proximity Guard Tour Control System

Proxpen Proximity Guard Tour Control System

Proxpen Guard Tour Control System

Ak 3.0

Its a guard patrol control software that checks how many times a security guard controls determined points.

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