Time and Attendance Systems

Time and attendance system  is a computer based electronic system that ensures to record arrival and departure times of company workers and prepare monthly and annual reports regarding these records. The purpose for this activity is to generate reliable records by reducing workforce to the lowest level.

Time and attendance system helps your company, production line, personnel, workforce to work more effectively and to get maximum efficiency. Each company operates in  different field of business and its needs and  equipments to be used are different from each other.

We, as Polimek, are focusing on your needs and  problems that you wish to find a solution on and provide you the most appropriate solution with most suitable equipment. We are producing solutions for your needs by integrating our various products in different categories tailored to your needs into continuously improving personnel attendance control software  as a result of feedback received from our customers for many years.

Used Products

Ephesus Plus

RFID Card Reader

Tralles Online

RFID Card Reader

Tralles P100 Offline

RFID Card Reader

PL 858

Fingerprint Readers

Pergamon F 36 D

Fingerprint Readers

Pergamon Plus

Fingerprint Readers


Fingerprint Readers

PL 201

Face Recognition Reader

PL 62

Fingerprint Readers

Q-CMR 10

RFID Card Reader

Q-CMR 15

RFID Card Reader

FV 350 Damar+ Parmak izi Terminali

Fingerprint Readers

P 160 Aya Tanıma Terminali

Fingerprint Readers

Time and Attendance Software 2.0

It has paradox database software, but not having multi user support and allows for calculating the score and the salary.

Time and Attendance Software 3.0

It has MSSQL database and multi -user support and is user friendly professional personnel attendance control software in which you can introduce numerous departments, sub departments and leaves.

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