Time and Attendance Systems

It is an electronic system which detects arrival and departure times of your personnel and determines whether they work overtime, if they worked, how affects their salary by calculating through fingerprint, card or face recognition readers


Access Control Systems

These are smart and secure automation systems used in areas in which  physical security or information safety has a great importance, where only authorized persons are allowed to access and which reports such information in detail.


Patrol Guard Tour Control Systems

These are manual automation and round tour systems which monitors whether gatekeeper completes his round and used in everywhere subject to periodical controls , and serves various purposes and uses , fast and easy for installation and use. 



These are control systems which may allow and control only one entry, if required, may cooperate with Personnel Time Attendance Control Systems and Access Control Systems and that may be used by a token. We have a lot of type of turnstiles including tripod, flap, speed gate, full height, swing gate and waist high rotor turnstiles. Our turnstiles have been manufactured with European standart.


Vehicle Access Control Systems

Our special solutions for your company; vehicle access control products and traffic regulation systems are also available. Arm and mushroom barriers and road blockers are also among our services.


X-Ray Baggage / Luggage Scanner

X-ray baggage / packet/ luggage scanner devices are one of the most preferred products in todays conditions. Compulsory for all public institutions and organizations; all the bags, packages can be scanned . The device reflects the contents of the package to display with a click.


Metal Detectors

Metal detectors can be used to determine if there is any dangerous substance on the person. Through the walk through metal detectors, you have the chance to identify the hazardous material in what part of your body. Thanks to the led display on the walk through detectors; the number of people who pass through the day and the number of people who have been alerted by the device can be easily seen.


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For over 20 years we produce products and the solutions that offers; reducing the workload of our valuable partners, and to offer them the most accurate data they need and our first goal is to give the fastest and most reliable technical service. Every company is unique. If you are looking for custom solutions for your company the right answer is Polimek.

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