Much More Than a Guard Pen ..

Guard control systems are not just a system where your night watchman is controlled.

The Precautions We Should Take In Our Company While Moving To The New Normal After Covid-19

We have compiled for you; as we move to the new normal after Covid-19 measures that we should take in our workplaces.

Security Market Is Expanding, Thermal Products Are Launched To The Market ..

Today, control and security are becoming more important than anything .. Especially the security of institutions, shopping malls and workplaces have become very important in today's conditions. New systems are added to the systems used to secure these key points.

Entry-Exits are Made Safely with Polimek ..

Entries and exits are done safely with our thermal door detectors and thermal face recognition system.

Suggestions to Protect Your Business from Corona Virus

While the world takes various precautions against Corona virus; trying to take their own precautions and protect their employees as much as possible.

Walk Through Metal Detector Against Corona Virus With Heat Meter (Thermometer)

New measures are coming up against the Corona Virus epidemic that covers the whole world. Smartguard heat meter walk through metal detectors are just one of these measures ...

Some of the Measures That Can Be Taken at Workplaces Against Corona Virus

Among the measures we can take to protect against Corana virus, our workplaces are also present in minor changes we can make.

What is Cafeteria Control System? Where to use ?

Organizing cafeteria, making meals according to the number of meals and planning it is much easier with cafeteria control systems.

What are the Electronic Security Measures for a New Building Company?

Firms that are newly established or close to completion prefer to resolve the security and control solutions when they are under construction.

Who are Night Guards? Which Systems are Used for the Controls of the Night Guards?

Night guards; are the people who are in the position of assistants of the gendarmes and the police, who are in charge of ensuring the security of certain areas such as park, garden, street, street.

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