Easy Turnstile Installation

Turnstiles and turnstile control systems become an indispensable part of our lives. It is now much easier to conduct security checks in many locations with turnstiles installed in places that are desired to be controlled.

Our X-ray Model Suitable for All Luggage Sizes Smartguard SG 6550 C

One of the most confusing issues in X-ray scanner choice is the dimensions of x-ray devices. While the smallest size x-ray devices such as 5030 are preferred in places where only small handbags are checked, such as shopping malls, post offices, municipalities; Large models such as 8065 and 100100 are preferred in places where large size suitcases and bags will be checked, such as airports and hotels.

Egepen Deceuninck Security and Control Systems Partner Choise Polimek

Egepen Deceuninck, which has the widest product range of the PVC profile sector, operates in İzmir Menemen with world-class production quality on a land of 130 thousand decares and a closed area of 78 thousand 300 square meters.

Why Is It So Important To Use X-Ray Baggage Scanner?

It is conceivable that X-ray baggage scanner should only be used in crowded places such as airports and stations. However, contrary to what is thought, when it is installed in many places where security is important such as exhibition areas, shopping mall entrances, concert venues, hotels, it is much easier to scan suspicious packages and baggage in these places, thus minimizing the security risk.

AVI- Automatic Vehicle Identification Rfid System

Ensuring the security of parking lots; It is the latest technology RFID vehicle identification system used to minimize the entry-exit times of vehicles and to prevent congestion and also cost efficient.

What is Face Recognition System and Where We Used It?

Polimek software integrates with biometric/rfidtechnologies, and provides accurate identification and real-time tracking of your employees. Facial recognition systems are the most known and preferred biometric systems.

Smartguard Provides Solutions for Airports, Customs and Border Gates and Port Operations…

X-ray baggage scanner systems used in shopping malls, airports, bus stations, warehouse areas, hotels and many public institutions and organizations.

Guard Control Systems Becomes Professional Every Day ..

The guard tour control system, which is indispensable for factories, public institutions and organizations, has undergone many changes from the past to the present and renewed itself.

What is the Cafeteria Control System, What does the Cafeteria Control System Do?

Although the cafeteria control system may seem like a simple system, it can become an inextricable situation in crowded factories.

What is Payroll, How is Scoring Calculated?

With the scoring sheet, the employer; It can easily calculate how long employees work, whether they work more or less than they should. As the scoring can be calculated manually with paper and pen, as the number of employees and shifts increases, making manual calculations increases both the workload and the error rate of the human resources department.

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