What is Cafeteria Control System? Where to use ?

Organizing cafeteria, making meals according to the number of meals and planning it is much easier with cafeteria control systems.

What are the Electronic Security Measures for a New Building Company?

Firms that are newly established or close to completion prefer to resolve the security and control solutions when they are under construction.

Who are Night Guards? Which Systems are Used for the Controls of the Night Guards?

Night guards; are the people who are in the position of assistants of the gendarmes and the police, who are in charge of ensuring the security of certain areas such as park, garden, street, street.

Access Control Systems and Biometric Access

We are in the section of the access control systems and biometric transition section of Best magazine, which has been providing security, control and automation issues for many years.

What are Metal Detector Types? What Should We Pay Attention When Choosing The Metal Detector?

Metal detectors, one of the security control devices that we are used to see everywhere recently, are electronic devices that detect metal or explosive objects on the person.

What are the Access Control Solutions Used in Rail Systems?

In public transportation, the bus and minibuses that come to mind are replaced by more efficient and economical rail systems.

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