Where can the walk through metal detectors be used?

Walk through metal detectors are one of the electronically operated security devices used to detect metal objects.

How and where can we use the Bollards ?

They are cylindrical systems positioned at vehicle entry and exit points where high security is required.

What metallic objects can X-ray baggage scanner detect?

Each of the X-ray scanner has a precise level of penetration.

Are walk through metal detectors dangerous to health?

The tension felt by pregnant people or cardiac pacemaker wearers due to the radiation emitted by the metal detector for the doors has been developed .

Are X-ray luggage scanner dangerous for your health?

Pregnant women, pacemakers, cardiac patients are the most frequently asked the questions about x-ray scanner

Which X-ray scanner are used for quality control of the factories?

X-ray baggage scanner can be used to control the quality of factories, depending on the companies and the objectives.

What is the use of barrier systems and what are their characteristics?

Barrier Systems: This is one of the most effective methods to prevent uncontrolled vehicle access and to control entrances and exits

Points to consider when we choose a turnstile:

Reasons for a large number of price options in turnstile systems.

Association of Aegean Exporters again preferred Polimek Electroniks for security devices

After time attendance systems with fingerprint and face recognition devices, the Aegean Exporters' Association chose Polimek Electronics for x-ray scanner.

What is the guard tour control system? What are its characteristics ?

Guard tour control systems have emerged with the idea that you can sleep comfortably, and the guards should control .

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