Which objects the "walk through metal detector " can detecte ? and which objects can't detect ?

Our walk through metal detectors have different zones; from 6 zones to 45 zones, have no dead spots.

What is the different uses of X-Ray Baggage Scanner ?

X-ray baggage scanner have an important access control and security equipment.

What are X-ray Baggage Scanner? How does it measure? What does the colors above mean?

It is used at entrances of airports, government offices, shopping malls or security threats are present and where baggage control is mandatory.

What is the turnstile systems? Where is it used? What are its features?

Turnstile systems are used to control the entrance and exit wherever they want to be under control.

When are they used Personnel Attendance Control Systems? Which companies can use it?

Companies can control the entry / exit hours of their employees at the end of the month, and be able to follow up overtime in a correct way...

What Type of Walk Through Metal Detectors are Used in Shopping Malls / Airports / Schools?

Walk through metal detectors are indispensable parts of security applications used with x-ray scanner.

Polimek Elektronik announced in Security Management Magazine Unknown in Biometric Systems

In Security Management Magazine, Polimek Elektronik discussed the usage areas of biometric systems in our daily life and the conveniences it provides to our lives.

İzmir Çiğli Municipality Preferred Polimek Elektronik in Security and Access Control System

Çiğli Municipality has also purchased x-ray, walk through metal detectors and turnstile access systems as security enhancing measures.

Polimek Elektronik was the choice of Park Yaşam Ataşehir in Vehicle Control Systems

Park Yaşam Ataşehir residences provide entrance and exit control with Polimek Elektronik systems.

The Turnstiles of Aliağa City Stadium have the signature of Polimek Elektronik

The easiest way to secure stadium is to use full height turnstiles.

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