Entry-Exits are Made Safely with Polimek ..

Entry-Exits are Made Safely with Polimek ..

While Covid-19 Corona virus has affected the whole world; there are businesses that still have to work during the outbreak.

But these workplaces both employees; they also have to take some precautions to protect public health.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Health, all firms working now have an obligation to measure contactless fever.

There are several ways to achieve this.

As we all know, to provide fire control with contactless thermometers.

However, this method is not preferred much because it involves close contact and makes it difficult to comply with the 3 meter rule.

Instead, thermometer detectors or thermometer face recognition systems are much more reliable and useful.

Factories, public places (metro stations, bus stations, train stations, airports, etc.), shopping malls, shops, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. These detectors, which can be used in crowded and public places such as places, allow many people to pass in a controlled manner at the same time.

If you wish, face detection system is also a very safe system.

In this system, face recognition readers with thermometers can work integrated with the access control or personnel attendance control program you have used.

The thermal face recognition system can be mounted comfortably on the turnstiles via its rear apparatus and does not open the turnstile when an abnormal temperature is detected at the time of passage.

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