Much More Than a Guard Pen ..

Much More Than a Guard Pen ..

The systems we call patrol tour control systems or guard tour control systems are the simplest way to ensure security.

Guard control systems consisting of a data collector pen, security points and control software have many different uses.

These systems, which we call the guard tour control system; All the teams that go out to the service can easily use.

For example; crews circulating for elevator maintenance, or companies involved in flower planting or road construction works of municipalities use guard systems at the beginning and end of the shift.

According to the Law on Market and Neighborhood Keepers, published in the Official Gazette dated June 18, 2020, market and neighborhood keepers;

* To carry out patrol services in the region where they are assigned during the office hours,

* Notifying the suspicious situation or persons they have acquired during the office hours to the general law enforcement units they are affiliated with, and taking necessary measures, etc. there are situations.

Guard control systems can be used comfortably and safely in the control and monitoring of bazaar and neighborhood guards.

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