Polimek Time Attendance (PDKS) Software and Personnel Monitoring

Polimek Time Attendance (PDKS) Software and Personnel Monitoring

Polimek PDKS Softwares save you the waste of time you spend between documenting, archiving and payroll reports early in the month.

Early in the month; Do you spend a lot of time entering staff leave and permit forms, processing their medical reports, getting their payrolls and transferring all of these to the accounting software?

We have thought of all these for you to save you time ..

When you transfer to payroll with Polimek PDKS Software, we transfer both normal work and missing day notifications, so you do not need to do any manual action on the payroll.

One of the most important things for the human resources department is to reach the correct data in a short time.

Polimek PDKS System offers a system that is completely tailored to your company, where you can get the reports you want, remove or close the ones you do not want, and save time ...

Polimek PDKS System gives you instantly permits, people inside, outside, in different buildings, reports in several different variants and provide them in detailed reports.

What Does Using Polimek PDKS Software Bring You?

Your workload and related work stress will decrease.

At the beginning of the month, with the support of our experienced service personnel, you can make your payroll calculations smoothly.

You can perform your transactions easily and without getting bored with user-friendly program interfaces.

You will have a software that is constantly developed and updated according to the legislations.

You benefit from free professional technical support for 1 year.

Experienced Polimek service support team is always with you both during installation and after service as long as you want.

When you start using one of Polimek products; you do not purchase just a software you are part of the service and quality that will bring you for a lifetime ...


Polimek PDKS System provides all necessary hardware and software to help you to track and monitor all the personnel actions.

Our expert team installs all equipment for the PDKS System (card reader, fingerprint reader, face recognition system and turnstiles) and provides training on how to use the hardware and software.

The user who will use the PDKS System will learn;

How To Use

How to Introduce Cards, Fingerprints or Faces to the System

Adjustments to be made in the software

Department, sub-department definitions

Ascii, Scoring, Payroll, Absentee etc. how to get reports

User will learn how to edit the system manually and a lot more ...

We deliver you a system that works seamlessly ...

If you are overwhelmed by documents and reports at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month, let's find solutions to your problems together ...

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