Walk Through Metal Detector Against Corona Virus With Heat Meter (Thermometer)

Walk Through Metal Detector Against Corona Virus With Heat Meter (Thermometer)

Within the scope of combating Corona virus (COVID -19), which affects the whole world, many precautions are taken both in the workplace, in the open area and in the public areas.

Smartguard door detectors with thermometers are also one of the measures you can take.

Smartguard door detectors make contactless temperature measurement.

It provides high sensitivity in body temperature detection.

Smartguard heat meter detectors with the temperature measurement sensors on them; It provides control of whether the person passing through the detector has a fever.

In public places; shopping malls, metro and tram stops, airports, train stations, schools etc. can be used in places easily.

It allows the person entering to determine whether there is a metal or not and determines whether there is a febrile illness.

Available in single, 6 or 20-zone thermometer detector versions.

With the Smartguard heat detectors, the probability of personnel exposure to infection is minimized.

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