What are the Electronic Security Measures for a New Building Company?

What are the Electronic Security Measures for a New Building Company?

Firms that are newly established or close to completion prefer to resolve the security and control solutions when they are under construction.

Because at this stage, it is much easier to pull cables or to carry out crimean cast construction works.

When it comes to security, the first cameras come to mind, however, it is one of the first applications that come to mind in the control and follow-up of the people entering and entering the company.

For this purpose, card, fingerprint or face recognition readers are placed on the turnstiles located at the company entrances.

The staff passes through the readers at the entrance to the job and enters the workplace, thereby creating records that provide information to the required payroll for staff follow-up.

In addition, entry systems with or without turnstiles can be made to locations such as production entrances, R&D doors, toilets and locker rooms.

Again, vehicles entering the company are taken under control with the barrier transition systems that will be positioned in accordance with the company entries.

If desired, it is possible to operate barrier systems in the logic of RFID system by attaching rfid tags to these vehicles, thus creating entry and exit records of vehicles and unauthorized vehicles cannot enter.

The security guard, located in the security cabin, can also interfere with the remote control of the barrier.

If a higher level of security is required, mushroom barrier systems are among the things to be done during the construction phase.

Patrol tour systems used for tracking the guards who are obliged to provide security of the company can also be included in security measures.

Thanks to patrol tour control systems; you can see if your security guard is touring the places that need to tour at night.

Some companies prefer to use walk through metal detectors and x-ray bag / package search systems in addition to all these systems at the entrance and exit.

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