What is Smartpen? Where We use it?

What is Smartpen? Where We use it?

What is Smartpen? Where We use it?

Smart Pen is a guard tour control system.

These are manual automation and round tour systems used in everywhere.

Smartpen guard tour control system doesn’t need electricity or any cables.

It is very easy to install and use.

( Smart Pen is a data collector that records time and date.)

How Guard Tour Control Systems Work?

When the patrol begins security tour, he takes the smart pen in the starting point, then the guard introduces himself by touching his keyring Tom to the Smart Pen.

The guard touches to all checkpoints during his shift and takes the record.

These records kept for 10 years.

When the patrol is over, the guard brings the Smart Pen back.

It can be reported at any time, like daily, weakly, or monthly.

We can see in these reports, which guard did check in which time, which places, and how long it took.

Thus, we prevent the security gap.

Guard tour control systems are included; 1 guard tour controller Smartpen, 6 security points, 3 keys, software, and USB cable.

 If the area you want to control is larger, we can supply more product.

We send ‘’Smartpen Guard Tour Control Systems’’ all over the World.

Smartpen have Iso 9001 and CE quality certificate.

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