After 2020...

After 2020...

Covit-19, economically causing the biggest cause of the social collapse in the world, left its mark on 2020.

After the coronavirus epidemic, people changed their lifestyles and spent more time at home, limiting logistics operations, decreasing business volumes and all these developments within a few months resulted in companies moving away from the comfort zone quickly.

Of course, some companies were not prepared enough to see the opportunities in every crisis and therefore suffered serious losses and came to the brink of bankruptcy. On the other hand, just like people, companies with strong immunity had the potential to seize opportunities by surviving even if they shrank during the crisis.

As Polimek, we tried to do our best during this period

At the end of March, when Covid -19 entered our lives, we switched to working from home like everyone else; We have never lost ties with each other and with our customers through common WhatsApp groups, skype calls, and phone directions.

By making more effort, we both tried to minimize the loss of work and did our best to prevent our customers from becoming a victim in this period.

After a while, we returned to office life within the framework of all hygiene rules.

If we summarize briefly what we did as Polimek during this period;

The export department we have opened in order to serve better and more effectively in the foreign market; The entire Arabian Peninsula, especially the Middle East; also Iraq, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, and Israel, we exported also a large amount to Southern European countries.

Many of our products, from turnstiles to x-ray baggage scanner, walk through metal detectors, fingerprint devices, and personnel attendance control software, have been actively used in these countries.

Opening up to new markets was of course exciting for all of us.

With Zoom and Skype conversations with our potential customers from many Arab and European countries, we created road maps according to customer demands and requests, and yes, we have become a company that creates wonders abroad. 

During this period, we signed dealership agreements with many foreign companies.

In addition, we produced the Covit-19 Hygiene Pandemic series in line with the need during this period.

In our pandemic series; We have turnstiles that contain thermal face recognition devices, thermal metal detectors, temperature sensing column, and disinfectant reservoir we call Cov-800 and can work with any access control system.

Again during the pandemic process; We expanded the contents of our technical support and maintenance contracts. We were able to create solutions without the need for company visits by detailing the service we can provide to our customers remotely.

We aimed to make social media more active and reach more people. We created a separate narration video, pictures, visuals, and animations for each product. 

As a result, we brought our products to more target audiences and received positive feedback both with our work and product quality.

It has strikingly shown all of us what economic and social disasters the coronavirus will cause if it is not taken seriously.

It taught us all to do things in other ways.

We hope that the new year will bring health, peace, abundant work, and earnings to all of us with our knowledge and knowledge in 2021.

We wish all our friends and customers good years...

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