Where Are X-ray Devices Used, How They Work, Are They Harmful To Health?

Where Are X-ray Devices Used, How They Work, Are They Harmful To Health?

X-rays were first discovered by the German Physics Professor W. C. Röntgen in 1895.

X-rays are devices that create images by passing objects through the x-ray source.

Over time, x-rays have been developed and started to be used for security.

We can check the items such as bags, suitcases, parcels that we cannot see inside with x-ray devices, and we can understand whether there is any hazardous material inside.

X-ray baggage controller are generally used in places with heavy human circulation such as airports, bus terminals, shopping malls and provide high security.

It detects materials such as bombs, weapons, cutting tools and drugs in a short time and informs the operator of the danger in advance.

Tunnel lengths of X-ray luggage scanner may change depending on the area of ​​use.

For  example; Smartguard 50x30 model; handbag, backpack, etc. It is suitable for scanning more minimal bags and suitcases.

Models such as Smartguard 65x50 - 100x80 - 100x100 are preferred for scanning items such as large sized luggage or parcels.

The most important feature of the X-ray device is the generator power.

They generate x-rays by taking power from electricity and by means of this beam, they scan the closed items and reflect the substances inside to the monitor screen connected to the x-ray according to their types.

The image quality of the x-ray device and the number of colors it gives varies according to the generator power. X-ray devices are generally produced as 80 and 140 kv, optionally the generator power can be increased to 160 kv.

X-ray devices, which can display images in 3 and 4 colors, can also distinguish between organic and inorganic materials.

There are radiation-proof curtains at the entrance and exit of X-ray devices.

In addition, there is a "stop" lamp on the device so that the operator can stop the device at any time.

You will be assisted in choosing the most suitable device for your business needs.

Polimek Smartguard X-Ray devices have all CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 1600 and Tuv certificates.

In addition, it complies with the standards of the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority and has been used in many municipalities, military and shopping centers so far.

X-ray devices are equipped with steel curtains in order to protect the surrounding people from radiation, and they have been made almost not affecting human health.

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