Which Firms Are Suitable For using Time Attendance Systems?What Does It Gain For Companies?

Which Firms Are Suitable For using Time Attendance Systems?What Does It Gain For Companies?

With Personnel Time Attendance Systems, the compagnie can access the entry-exit, leave, overtime, vacation, payroll and daily work records of all kinds of large and small enterprises.

Enterprises  can receive reports from any group whenever they want, It is a smart automation system that reduces and facilitates follow-up.

You can choose any of the different terminals such as fingerprint, face recognition or card reader; Choosing time attendance software suitable for your company protocol both facilitates your work tracking and enables you to access the most accurate data.

Polimek has 25 years of knowledge in the sector; with  experienced software team and sales team that can understand and analyze the demands of customers in the most accurate way, it has created differents software that can meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

We can examine Polimek Personnel Attendance Control Software under 3 main headings as Small, Standard and Professional Time Attendance Software.

Small Time Attendance Software; which is preferred by mostly small-scale enterprises, where you can receive simple reports such as personnel entry-exit, insiders-outs.

Standard Time Attendance Software; is  allows you to get single-user simple payroll reports and provides more detailed reporting support than Small  software.

Professional Time Attendance Software;  is  software preferred by large-scale companies that offers multi-user, salary calculation module that can be used by multiple companies and we can apply different add-ons.

With this softwares support, our primary goal is to reduce the workload of the enterprises and increase the workforce. You can solve any error with early intervention and turn this advantage into competitive power with more accurate and detailed information.

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