X-ray Cihazları ve Üst Arama Dedektörleri Alırken Dikkat Etmeniz Gerekenler

X-ray cihazları ve üst arama metal dedektörleri özel yada kurumsal tesis veya bina girişlerinde yada alışveriş merkezleri gibi güvenliğin önemli olduğu alanlarda giriş-çıkış, kapı ve noktalarında güvenliği sağlamak amacı ile kullanılır.

Pdks (Personel Devam Kontrol Sistemleri) Nedir? Pdks Sistemi Nerelerde Kullanılır? Pdks Sistemini Kimler Kullanmalıdır?

‘’PDKS’’ adını verdiğimiz Personel Devam Kontrol Sistemi; işletmelerde çalışanların performansını takip etme amacıyla kullanılan otomasyon sistemidir.

After 2020...

Covit-19, economically causing the biggest cause of the social collapse in the world, left its mark on 2020. After the coronavirus epidemic, people changed their lifestyles and spent more time at home, limiting logistics operations, decreasing business volumes and all these developments within a few months resulted in companies moving away from the comfort zone quickly.

Our Products is in World Market

Based on the Kaizen approach, our company is very pleased to share its 25 years of knowledge and experience in control and security systems. Kaizen is a quality improvement approach based on the continuous improvement of quality, albeit with small steps, by placing serving people at the center of all works.

What's in our Polimek Youtube Channel?

You can find in our youtube channel all you wonder about control and security systems; new products and technologies; as Polimek our applications;

Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center Security Systems Installation Has Been Successfully Completed ...

Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM), a gift from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to Izmir, was opened on December 27, 2008 as a result of a project competition.

Where Are X-ray Devices Used, How They Work, Are They Harmful To Health?

X-rays were first discovered by the German Physics Professor W. C. Röntgen in 1895. X-rays are devices that create images by passing objects through the x-ray source. Over time, x-rays have been developed and started to be used for security.

Which Firms Are Suitable For using Time Attendance Systems?What Does It Gain For Companies?

With Personnel Time Attendance Systems, the compagnie can access the entry-exit, leave, overtime, vacation, payroll and daily work records of all kinds of large and small enterprises.

What are Access Control System ?

Factories, schools, construction sites, official institutions, etc. Access Control System is the system that provides security control at the entrance of such places, reports the entrance-exit information received from the terminals to the users and supports the information with different security panels.

Purpose and Areas of use of Turnstile Systems Today

Turnstiles; Today, environments where people are very common (businesses, factories, sports halls, dining halls, schools, plazas, military areas, airports, subways, public institutions and organizations, etc.) are a part of the access control systems we use to provide control and security

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