Where Are X-ray Devices Used, How They Work, Are They Harmful To Health?

X-rays were first discovered by the German Physics Professor W. C. Röntgen in 1895. X-rays are devices that create images by passing objects through the x-ray source. Over time, x-rays have been developed and started to be used for security.

Which Firms Are Suitable For using Time Attendance Systems?What Does It Gain For Companies?

With Personnel Time Attendance Systems, the compagnie can access the entry-exit, leave, overtime, vacation, payroll and daily work records of all kinds of large and small enterprises.

What are Access Control System ?

Factories, schools, construction sites, official institutions, etc. Access Control System is the system that provides security control at the entrance of such places, reports the entrance-exit information received from the terminals to the users and supports the information with different security panels.

Purpose and Areas of use of Turnstile Systems Today

Turnstiles; Today, environments where people are very common (businesses, factories, sports halls, dining halls, schools, plazas, military areas, airports, subways, public institutions and organizations, etc.) are a part of the access control systems we use to provide control and security

What is Smartpen? Where We use it?

Smartpen is a mobile data collector. We have different type and technologies like touch memory or proximity.

What are Access Access Control Systems and Where are They Used?

Access control systems make our life easier when used correctly.

Turnstile Access Control Systems are an Indispensable part of our lives ...

Especially after Covid, the use of turnstile access systems has increased considerably. Turnstile systems that can be used with thermometer products; It is very suitable for healthy use of schools, stadiums and all sports fields.

What Does Polimek Elektronik Do?

Who we are, what are we doing, we funly packed the answers into a one minute video. Enjoyable Cruise ...

Polimek serves over 15 countries worldwide

From Turkey to more than 15 countries worldwide security, we are sending the control and automation products

Alaybey Shipyard Personnel Time Attendance Control System Installation

The personnel attendance tracking system installation of Alaybey shipyard located in Karşıya'ka district of İzmir and working with a capacity of 2,000 personnel has been successfully completed.

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