How Our Lives Became Easier and Safer with The Use of Turnstiles

 As a result of recent attacks, turnstile systems are the easiest way to ensure our security measures, to prevent unauthorized crossings and to provide deterrence against malicious people.

 In public areas, company entrance / exits, sports halls, statues, dining halls, schools, hotels, subways, ferries, etc., we use our turnstiles integrated with card readers, fingerprint and face recognition readers. It is easy to determine who can enter / exit at what hour and how long they spend inside. 

 Polimek Electronic turnstiles are divided into four types thanks to their features. The first most preferred; Waist height turnstiles. These are mostly preferred in schools, dining halls, factories and gyms. 

 It is used in gyms in addition to its protection and feeling of feeling safe. The turnstiles are integrated with the gym software developed by Polimek Electronic’s and keep track of all the required information such as tracking of the members, registration information.

 Security measures are increased by putting turnstile systems at school entrances to prevent foreigners from entering schools. In this way, students are protected from foreign, malicious people. In addition, Polimek Electronics readers (fingerprinted, carded, face recognition) added to the turnstiles and student transition software written by Polimek Electronic provide the control of how much time the student has spent in school and what time they enter / exit.

 Readers and software used in turnstiles used in workplaces; employees' personal information, payroll operations, salary-payroll transactions and many processes that can be added according to the request / expectation provides the easiest way to track employee. Full height turnstiles are used in the areas where we provide the highest level of security, such as concert areas, stadium and prisons due to its feature that prevents the passing by jumping over the other turnstiles.

 Vip turnstiles are divided into 3 as butterfly turnstiles, leaf turnstiles and vip turnstiles for disabled people. Butterfly turnstiles or one-way leaf turnstiles are preferred at market entrances. One of the most important reasons for preferring one-way shopping is to prevent the exit from the entrance door without making payments.

 Disabled turnstiles are located in all areas where other turnstiles are located, so we can make life easier for people with disabilities. High-speed turnstiles; thanks to its stylish design, it is one of the turnstiles that attract the attention of residences, flashy business centers. Polimek Electronic turnstiles are the first choice of users thanks to their stylish designs, high level security measures and varieties that eliminate obstacles.

If you want to bring your entrance / exit security with stylish designs, you can choose Polimek Electronic turnstiles. For information about our products, please call us at +90 232 328 1645, you can contact us at and you can visit our showroom.

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